Theo Hobson on Atheism’s Crisis of Faith

Theo Hobson on Atheism’s Crisis of Faith

This is an interesting article by Theo Hobson in the Spectator in which he argues that atheism is failing on two counts.  First it is not able to offer a coherent and satisfying morality, and second it is blind to the fact that the morality of secular humanism – which it wishes to inherit – is grounded in distinctively Christian values:

Like any movement or religion, atheism has ambitions. Over the years it has grown and developed until it has become about far more than just not believing in God: today atheism aspires to a moral system too. It comes with an idea of how to behave that’s really very close to traditional secular humanism, and offers a sense of community and values. Atheism has crept so close to religion these days that it’s de rigueur for political atheists like Ed Miliband to boast about a dual identity: a secular allegiance to a religions tradition, in his case Judaism. They don’t of course believe any of the mumbo jumbo about God, prophets and angels.

For the rest of the article, follow this link.

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